AEGLE’s 2nd Prototype of the “healthcare analytics framework”

AEGLE’s second prototype provides several new advanced features supported by state of art technologies. Analytic libraries have been extended to enable highly specialized analytics pipelines, e.g. DNA-, RNA-sequencing and variant calling pipelines for supporting whole genome/exome analysis specialized for CLL, nutrition analytics for ICU patients, risk analytics of adverse reactions to medications and limb amputation in T2D patients etc.

The underlying Big Data Framework is now able to manage increased workload heterogeneity and incorporation of high performance accelerators. AEGLE cloud infrastructure instantiates three different types of clusters, i.e. storage servers cluster, high performance execution cluster, and Maxeler accelerated cluster.

The introduced storage, memory, computation, and acceleration decoupled resource provisioning enables a cost efficient infrastructure for analytics deployment and visualization. AEGLE’s cloud infrastructure is now moving towards new prototype version that will provide tighter integration with storage and data management APIs as well as local anonymization services, i.e. transforming AEGLE to an advanced data warehousing and analytics framework for the healthcare domain.

2nd prototype

AEGLE decoupled cloud infrastructure

Sotiris Xydis (ICCS – Institute of Communications and Computer Systems)