AEGLE Big Data analytics in the healthcare

Although ICT makes advancements to address volume and velocity of big data, and health big data applications have been recently proposed, the healthcare industry has been hesitant in embracing big data.
AEGLE aims to generate value from healthcare data with the vision to improve translational medicine and to facilitate personalized and integrated care services overall improving healthcare at all levels, to promote data-driven research across Europe and to serve as an enabler technology platform.

Privacy, openness and sharing concerns are raised health-related data. Their expected heterogeneity and poor quality has to be overcome for veracity, while paradigm shifts towards data-driven analytics have to be accepted.
AEGLE aims to address these bottlenecks and contribute towards filling these gaps in a range of medical problems, concerning electronic health record data, biological data and streaming biosignal data.

Thus, the development of a AEGLE framework for Big Data analytics will improve translational medicine, to facilitate personalized and integrated care services, and to promote data-driven research across Europe.