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Expected Scientific and Societal Benefits

AEGLE will provide more advanced mechanisms for analysis of data, while offering predictive modelling especially in critical situations.

This could lead in short term evaluation of patient’s condition estimation of evolution for any type of illness and at the same time facilitate the doctor’s role by providing significant assistance via pattern recognition of the severity and the countermeasures for patient’s condition. The social benefits in terms of integrated care and the use of big-data are the following:

  • Increased confidence in decision support systems for disease/patient management

  • Improved cooperation between the providers of health, social and informal care

  • Reinforced medical knowledge with respect to efficient management of comorbidities

  • Improved interaction between patients, their relatives and carers, facilitating more active participation of patients and relatives in care processes

  • Increased level of education and acceptance by patients and care givers of ICT solutions for personalised care

  • Reduced admissions and days spent in care institutions, improved disease management and treatment at the point of need, actual improvements in the daily activities of patients through the effective use of ICT and the better coordination of care processes

Project Information


Grant Agreement

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under this grant agreement number.


Total Cost

Total Cost


EU Contribution

EU Contribution

1 March 2015

Starting Date

Starting Date

42 Months


The duration of AEGLE´s Project will be 42 months.