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The AEGLE Approach


AEGLE aims to generate value from the healthcare data value chain data with the vision to improve translational medicine and facilitate personalized and integrated care services overall improving healthcare at all levels, to promote data-driven research across Europe and to serve as an enabler technology platform enabling business growth in the field of big data analytics for healthcare.

AEGLE approach

There is an obvious gap in the area of big data analytics for Health Bio-data. Data-driven services are still needed  to  cater  for  the  data  versatility,  volume  and  velocity  within  the  whole  data  value  chain  of  healthcare analytics.   A true opportunity exists to produce value out of big data in healthcare with the goal to revolutionize integrated  and  personalised  healthcare  services,  which  have  been  recently  introduced  for  the  management  of complex  medical  conditions  e.g.  various  chronic  disease  conditions,  chronic  malignant  and  non-malignant disorders. Evidently, the implementation of data value chains for healthcare big data analytics has the potential to lead  Europe  gain the  leading  position  worldwide,  pioneering  by  leveraging  Big  Data  analytics  solutions  in  a domain that is of critical importance for all European countries and their citizens.

The AEGLE Approach

AEGLE will provide a framework for Big Data analytics for healthcare that will overall enable and promote innovation activities that place “health” at the spotlight. Through AEGLE, health becomes a strategic pillar and a new market ground for business development in the field for big data analytics for healthcare.

Our mission is to realize an European business ecosystem to healthcare stakeholders, industry and researchers for creating out-of-box knowledge in order to provide cloud and HPC data services and support new products that will improve health.