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The AEGLE Infrastructure

AEGLE’s big data analytics framework

AEGLE’s big data analytics framework consists of big data analytics services at two levels: a) the local level and b) the cloud level.

AEGLE Infrastructure


The local level implements big data analytics services for real-time processing of large volumes, fast generated and multiple-formatted raw data originating from patient monitoring services deployed within a healthcare unit, complemented with dedicated medical databases.

The cloud level analytics services will offer an experimental big data research platform to data scientists, workers and data professionals across Europe.

The platform consists of a large pool of semantically-annotated healthcare data, a set of libraries implementing state-of-the-art big data analytics methods including the local level big data analytics AEGLE services and APIs for federating with public and private data sets. Advanced visualisation tools will be implemented by AEGLE as an instrument for gaining new knowledge and expertise, advancing the European know-how in healthcare big data analytics, by allowing data scientists to steer the cloud level analytics mechanisms with their own insights. Large industries and SMEs across Europe will be given the ability to use of the AEGLE in order to deploy and assess the validity of their innovative data analytics solutions which aim at creating new value in the field of healthcare. This new value will yield economic benefits to SMEs and economic growth in general.

On top of the AEGLE platform the AEGLE Business Ecosystem is found.

Data scientists, researchers and industry are found there and they are expected to benefit from AEGLE outputs. Of course prerequisite members of this ecosystem are considered healthcare stakeholders (doctors, medical experts, carers etc) placed at the local level.