Public Results

AEGLE Brief 1

.pdf | 1.10M

AEGLE Brief 2

.pdf | 1.08M

Project Stationery (D2.2)

.pdf | 1.58M

This document presents the main identity of the project and the stationary material produced for communication, reporting and promotional purposes of AEGLE´s project.

Project Promotional Material (D2.7)

.pdf | 3.99M

This document presents the main promotional materials and activities implemented during the first six months of the project, to raise awareness about the project.

Project Website (D2.8)

.pdf | 533.36K

This document aims to explain the structure and functionalities of the AEGLE’s website, namely the former splash version and later official version, including the sections and respective features and screenshots.

Business and HTA framework (D3.1)

.pdf | 2.08M

This documetn (Deliverable 3.1) addresses the possible business models that could be adopted by the AEGLE start-up. It provides insight into the steps to be undertaken as to ensure that a feasible business strategy can be developed for the start-up. Furthermore, the methodology and the initial steps of the early health technology assessment of the AEGLE framework are provided.