Public Results

AEGLE Brief 1

.pdf | 1.10M

AEGLE Brief 2

.pdf | 1.08M

AEGLE Best Practices (D1.11)

.pdf | 1.05M

Project Stationery (D2.2)

.pdf | 1.58M

This document presents the main identity of the project and the stationary material produced for communication, reporting and promotional purposes of AEGLE´s project.

Project Promotional Material (D2.7)

.pdf | 3.99M

This document presents the main promotional materials and activities implemented during the first six months of the project, to raise awareness about the project.

Project Website (D2.8)

.pdf | 533.36K

This document aims to explain the structure and functionalities of the AEGLE’s website, namely the former splash version and later official version, including the sections and respective features and screenshots.

Business and HTA framework (D3.1)

.pdf | 2.08M

This documetn (Deliverable 3.1) addresses the possible business models that could be adopted by the AEGLE start-up. It provides insight into the steps to be undertaken as to ensure that a feasible business strategy can be developed for the start-up. Furthermore, the methodology and the initial steps of the early health technology assessment of the AEGLE framework are provided.


Final AEGLE Business Strategy (D3.4)

.pdf | 2.50M

The AEGLE platform offers a scalable solution for analyzing big healthcare data. The platform offers high end data security and an EU compliant pseudo-anonymisation procedure to ensure data analysis and storage on a secure cloud platform accessible only to users with the necessary access requirements. The platform can be offered with two user interfaces (UI); a research-oriented UI (R&D-UI) and a clinical decision support UI (CDS-UI). Both can be customized to the user’s needs. The platform has been developed for three scenarios: analyzing NGS and immunogenetics data; analyzing monitoring data in the ICU; and analyzing EHR data for non-malignant chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Final System Design (D4.3)

.pdf | 4.39M

Deliverable D4.3 (“Final system design”) is the third deliverable of WP4 entitled “AEGLE system and services design” and concerns the work that has been carried out during months 19-27 of the project. The suite of the WP4 deliverables which includes the present deliverable and the two preceding ones (D4.1 and D4.2 released on Month 6 and 18 of the project, respectively) reflects the evolution of the user requirements and system design. In this regard, D4.3 reports on the consolidated design, and where applicable on the evolution of design considerations and decisions for the AEGLE big data platform, driven by the three use cases elaborated in the project, namely, namely, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Type-II Diabetes Mellitus (TD2M), and taking into account the progress and feedback provided by the other technical WPs, i.e. WP5 and WP6.

Final components for local, cloud-level Big Data analytics and Applications (D5.3)

.pdf | 6.07M

AEGLE project aims to promote data-driven research across Europe and to serve as an enabler technology platform. This document presents the AEGLE deliverable D5.3 entitled “Final components for local, cloud-level Big Data analytics and applications‟, in which we present the final implementations of the software (SW) components and infrastructures that collaboratively define the context of the overall AEGLE eco-system.

AEGLE 3rd Prototype (D6.4)

.pdf | 6.51M

This document presents details on the integration and validation for the AEGLE 3rd prototype. In particular, the document describes the user guide for the 3rd prototype of the AEGLE system RnD UI and the CDS UI user interfaces. It also presents the system integration details of the different 3rd prototype components (as reported in D5.3) along with their integration verification tests using use case scenarios based testing. Moreover it includes the validation results and future plans for the 3rd prototype.

Legal Assessment (D7.1)

.pdf | 948.69K

During the AEGLE Innovation Action, a framework incorporating health-specific Big Data analytics combined with generic and scalable analytics was designed to generate value from the healthcare data value chain with the aim of improving translational medicine1 and facilitating personalised and integrated care services via data-driven research. A legal assessment has been performed to determine which legal rules apply in the EU to researchers wishing to use or re-use health data for research purposes.

AEGLE Certification (D7.6)

.pdf | 843.17K

In order for the the AEGLE data analytics software be placed into the market, it will have to comply with the EU legal framework on medical devices.1 The Medical Devices Directive and Regulation lay down the rules concerning the placing on the market, making available on the market or putting into service of medical devices for human use and accessories for such devices in the Union.

Market Research Report (D8.1)

.pdf | 254.10K

The current report presents the market analysis regarding the AEGLE solution, the general market trends and the competition found in the targeted market segments. Key findings from this process will help to understand the market dynamics and identify the ground that AEGLE exploitation schema may build its business. The document includes a primary data analysis performed through the collection of feedback from AEGLE stakeholders by using questionnaires.