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- Scalable solution for big data analysis in Healthcare

The BIOLYTICA platform offers a scalable solution for analysing big healthcare data, which includes the ability for users to pseudo-anonymize data conforming to EU regulations and the security measures, ensuring data analysis and storage on a secure cloud platform accessible only to users with the necessary access requirements. The platform can be offered with two user interfaces (UI). A research-oriented UI (R&D-UI) and a clinical decision support UI (CDS-UI). Both can be customized to the user’s needs. The platform has been developed for three scenarios, namely analysing next generation sequencing (NGS) and immunogenetics data, analysing monitoring data for Intensive Care Units (ICU) and analysing electronic health records (EHR) data for non-malignant chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia applications

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia applications

The BIOLYTICA platform for analysing next generation sequencing (NGS) and immunogenetics data has been developed for researchers with an affiliation with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. However, the platform can also be used by researchers in academic institutes, commercial labs and industry who aim to study NGS and immunogenetics data from other disease areas.

For whole exome/genome and RNA-sequencing data, the platform offers acceleration services when aligning reads prior to variant calling, annotation and interpretation and transcript assembly and expression analysis. Moreover, with the Biolytica platform, immunogenetics data can be filtered and analysed, enabling categorization of stereotyped subsets, mutation analysis and computation of public and exclusive clonotypes in samples. The visualization tools offer an integrated presentation of results from multiple data types for faster interpretation. The analyses of immunogenetics data is a feature where the Biolytica platform can distinguish itself from competitors such as DNANexus and SevenBridges.


Main Benefits:


  • The Biolytica platform offers all standard analytics for human genome, exome and transcriptome data: moreover, the ability to concurrently analyse NGS immunogenetics data makes the platform truly unique.
  • The Biolytica platform can be used by researchers with advanced programming experience but also by researchers whom are less computer literature.
  • The user interacts with the platform through an accessible, user friendly interface and de novo visualization tools allowing users to easily visualize their results after analysis.
  • The Biolytica platform will support bioinformaticians in building their own pipelines or implementing existing pipelines (i.e. from the literature) on the platform.
  • Data is initially collected by clinicians, sequenced and converted (in an automated way) to the appropriate format using available tools.
  • The Biolytica platform enables the pseudo-anonymization of data conforming to EU regulations and its upload on AEGLE’s private cloud.
  • The Biolytica platform offers a solid access control mechanism ensuring security of data whilst enabling a workspace where users can share analytics, workflows and datasets with collaborators whom have been granted access.
  • The Biolytica platform can be purchased independently from existing NGS analytics and adopts a flexible, scalable model where users only pay for the storage and run-time they use.

Watch below the video recording of the AEGLE Demonstration Webinar for (Clinical) Researchers on the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia use case: