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- Scalable solution for big data analysis in Healthcare

The BIOLYTICA platform offers a scalable solution for analysing big healthcare data, which includes the ability for users to pseudo-anonymize data conforming to EU regulations and the security measures, ensuring data analysis and storage on a secure cloud platform accessible only to users with the necessary access requirements. The platform can be offered with two user interfaces (UI). A research-oriented UI (R&D-UI) and a clinical decision support UI (CDS-UI). Both can be customized to the user’s needs. The platform has been developed for three scenarios, namely analysing next generation sequencing (NGS) and immunogenetics data, analysing monitoring data for Intensive Care Units (ICU) and analysing electronic health records (EHR) data for non-malignant chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Non-Malignant Chronic Diseases applications

Non-Malignant Chronic Diseases applications

For non-malignant chronic diseases, like diabetes mellitus type 2, AEGLE offers a research platform that allows clinical researchers, hospitals management and pharmaceutical organisations to analyse their own EHR data. The platform and analytics available in the BIOLYTICA platform offer users much more flexibility in deciding what to analyse and for which patient populations in the hospital to develop/use predictive analytics. The analytics included can facilitate research into pharmacovigilance, treatment response, and complications whilst the visualization tools such as heatmaps and population pyramids can be used for hypothesis generation, but also presentation of quality metrics.


Main benefits:


  • The scalability of the Biolytica platform ensures it can handle any future changes to the data, such as the addition of monitoring data, collected for diabetes mellitus type 2 care.
  • The platform facilitates easier data management and analysis for researchers interested to access these databases.
  • The Biolytica platform demonstrates the ability to merge diverse databases at the cloud level to create a large dataset given the underlying data structures are identical, thereby harnessing and releasing the full potential of big data analysis for the diabetic patient group.
  • The Biolytica platform offers a cloud-based solution. Prior to uploading data, the data is pseudo-anonymized conforming to EU regulations.
  • The Biolytica platform offers users the ability to use, develop and improve predictive analytics and stratification of their patients with chronic diseases. These analytics can be used to personalize patient care.
  • The Biolytica enables users to visualize the data, generate quality metrics and explore differences between providers using for instance population pyramids and heat maps.
  • The solutions offered by the Biolytica platform are scalable and can handle large amounts of complex data.
  • The Biolytica platform possesses a feature to collect data in the future by offering an app for diabetes patients to track their health.

Watch below the video recordings of the AEGLE Demonstration Webinar for (Clinical) Research on the Non-Malignant Chronic Diseases use case: